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Reduce Risk and Save Time with Cutting-Edge Technology


SSC makes it faster and easier to reduce the hassle and risk of the hiring process. Now, you can have a full-service HR business partner on your team, just like Fortune-50 corporations without the overhead.


We offer three secure online solutions to take screening and selection to the next level. You can pick and choose the components that suit you best.



The SSC Applicant Management System (AMS) allows you to order backgrounds reports and check the status online.



SwiftHire, the free add-on screening tool for SSC's AMS allows applicants to provide the information needed for their background check themselves, saving you data entry time. Advanced validation features ensure that all needed information is provided.


3. The SSC Applicant Tracking System (ATS) adds the ability to post job openings and accept applications from a secure online portal. You can secure the applicant's consent for background screening and order the background investigation and drug testing with just a few clicks. Plus, you can track every applicant through each phase of the selection process.


Our HR solutions are designed for your business culture. You can choose from a full-service solution or technology that integrates with your current system. But don't take our word for it. Watch the video below to see how much time and effort you can save with SSC as your trusted HR partner.


VeroHire Applicant Tracking Demo Visit the SSC Screening website
VeroHire Applicant Tracking Demo
Service Details

SSC Employment Screening Services

  • Federal, state, county and municipality criminal records checks
  • SSN verification, employment history, references and military verification
  • Pre-employment drug screening (DOT & non-DOT testing)
  • Motor vehicle, education and employment history checks
  • Sex offender checks; Patriot Act/OFAC compliance

Visit the SSC Screening website


Key Benefits

  • Save time while you streamline and simplify your hiring process
  • Take the headache out of tracking candidates
  • Integrate your existing HR tool with ours to maximize the benefits
  • Get thorough background investigations, not just cursory screens
  • Assess likely behaviors and fit with your corporate culture before hiring
  • Improve workplace safety and security; reduce selection risk
  • Confidently comply with employment regulations
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