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An example of a typical covert surveillance operation

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Background Screening In School Sports by SSC, Inc.

Background checks ensure the safety of everyone on the job and routinely help protect companies from liability. However, there is one industry where background checks are rare and for the most part, ignored. The industry is sports. Whether it is at the amateur or professional level, background checks are not being conducted as often as they should be and that potentially puts people at risk.

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Workplace Violence — "The Employer's Duty in Regard to an Active Shooter Scenario"

by Michael Wanik, CPP, CBCP published on the website

I've been involved with the supplication of private security services since I left the military in late 1984. During the time since, I've seen the security attitude pendulum swing back and forth a few times. I witnessed first-hand the trend wherein sensitive duties and responsibilities were stripped from security officers. The hands-off approach was designed to remove liability from actions taken by the officer.

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Workplace Violence — "Threats lead to cache of guns" by the Meriden Record Journal

SSC's Michael Wanik is quoted in a recent news article.

The recent shootings have altered the landscape of what employers need to know about management, said Michael Wanik, a vice president of SSC, an international security consulting firm. "Companies are now starting to consider active-shooter plans for employees," Wanik said Thursday. "Two years ago they never would have discussed something like that with employees." Wanik provides training and management consultations to a broad range of companies dealing with security issues including how to prevent workplace violence through hiring and management techniques.

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SSC Launches Critical Security Protection Service to Help Companies Reduce the Possibility of a Security Breach

New Far-Reaching Vulnerability and Risk Assessment Service Introduced

SSC, Inc., the leader in security for the tri-state region, announced a comprehensive Vulnerability and Risk Assessment service to protect companies and institutions from the multi-billion dollar cost of security breaches and ensure compliance with new governmental regulations. With security breaches at an all time yearly high of $100 billion, the exposure of corporations and institutions to security threats has never been greater, according to Michael Burbage, President of SSC. SSC's Vulnerability and Risk Assessment service takes a new approach by examining security issues from an adversary's perspective and by analyzing all vulnerabilities, from the physical defense of a facility to computer networks to employee sabotage.

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