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Effective Litigation Support Throughout the Legal Process


Criminal, civil and corporate litigators alike need effective, intelligent support throughout the litigation process to gain an advantage on the opposition. Today, useful information and evidence may reside in the open or hidden just about anywhere: on computers, smart phones, memory sticks, thumb drives, digital cameras, in databases or "in the cloud." Proper investigation may be tricky, leading to dead ends or regulatory barriers that can derail any lawyer's strongest case.


SSC, Inc. helps lawyers, law firms and corporate legal departments:


  • Industry Specialties - Litigation SupportRecover, analyze and organize digital information for discovery and trial

  • Conduct fraud investigations, locate and screen witnesses, safeguard evidence

  • Prepare compelling visuals for trials


Contact SSC and put our experience, professionalism and network of contacts to work for your legal team.


Industry Experience

SSC Litigation Support Services

  • Unemployment and workers' compensation fraud
  • Property & casualty Insurance fraud, arson and accident investigation/reconstruction
  • Surveillance
  • Witness location and interviews
  • Asset location and recovery
  • Forensic accounting
  • Expert witness testimony
  • Global investigative services


Why Litigators Choose SSC

  • Rest assured that evidence stands up in court
  • Get continuous support from professional, experienced investigators who work with you throughout the legal process
  • Improve your chances of recovery with witness and asset location
  • Get detailed investigations by former law enforcement executives, paralegals and corporate intelligence agents
  • Expand your reach through our global resources and contacts
  • Strengthen your defense and prosecution of fraud cases

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