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Insurance Fraud Investigation and Beyond


Industry Specialties - InsurancePolicy applicants, insureds and claimants are using increasingly sophisticated insurance fraud tactics against you. Meanwhile, you're finding that gathering the information and data to prove fraud is getting more difficult, risky and time consuming. SSC provides the investigative means, resources and experience needed to help many top insurers, public entities and their defense counselors win the ongoing war against insurance, workers' compensation and unemployment insurance fraud.


While insurance investigation support has consolidated in recent years, we're a professional organization that stands behind our investigative results. The professionals from SSC, Inc. include trained, credentialed and certified experts in forensics investigations, insurance fraud, arson and surveillance. We've been in business for more than 35 years, and we'll be there for you tomorrow and all the way through the adjudication process.


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Industry Experience

SSC Insurance Services

  • Unemployment insurance fraud surveillance and investigative support
  • Workers' compensation insurance fraud investigations
  • Property & casualty insurance fraud investigations
  • Arson investigation
  • Surveillance, activity checks and secondary employment inquiries
  • Accident reconstruction
  • Forensic accounting investigation
  • Witness location, interviewing, polygraphs and background checks
  • Asset identification and location


Why Insurers Choose SSC

  • Successfully defend, prosecute and recover with the help of expert investigators, including former law enforcement personnel, paralegals, and business and computer specialists
  • Expand fraud investigations through our global resources
  • Complement their in-house Special Investigative Units (SIUs)
  • Enjoy the benefits of an in-house SIU team without the overhead
  • Reduce claims costs, boost recovery and improve the bottom line
  • Secure and protect the evidence needed to prevail in court

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