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Thorough Background Checks Help You Manage Risk


Today's hiring environment presents a thorny dilemma for human resources professionals:


  • Inadequate pre-employment screening can expose you to liability, employee theft and greater risk of workplace violence.

  • Improper background check techniques can fail to uncover important information or violate increasingly stringent privacy laws.

  • Locating electronic communications regarding personnel issues can become a nightmare.


Industry Specialties - Human ResourcesUnlike most employment screening and background check companies, SSC, Inc. is a professional investigations and security firm with highly experienced and fully trained investigators. Most are former law enforcement personnel with the knowledge and experience to uncover potential problems with candidates-even international candidates-before you make an offer of employment-without running afoul of the law.


Online managed employment screening and background checks are part of the suite of HR tools provided by SSC, which can be used alone or integrated with existing HR applications. Post jobs, gather applications, request pre-employment screening, and track applicants throughout the selection process from an easy-to-use dashboard that saves time and improves data accuracy.


But employment screening, verification and drug testing are just a small part of what SSC offers human resources professionals. We are a full-service HR partner that provides complete HR solutions to help you improve operational results.


Contact SSC and get a trusted business partner that will save you time and money while protecting your reputation.


Industry Experience

SSC Services for Human Resources

  • Locating electronic communications regarding personnel issues (e-Discovery)
  • SSC Applicant Management System (AMS)
  • SSC Applicant Tracking System (ATS)
  • International background checks, pre-employment screening, reference checks and credential verification
  • Employee theft investigations and prevention
  • Pre-employment drug screening/drug testing (both DOT and non-DOT)
  • SSN verification
  • Sexual harassment investigations
  • Surveillance


Why HR Departments Choose SSC

  • Streamline and simplify your hiring process
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  • Take the headache out of tracking candidates
  • Get thorough international background investigations and verification, not just cursory screens
  • Assess likely behaviors and fit with your corporate culture before hiring
  • Improve workplace safety and security proactively
  • Reduce selection risk and improve operational results
  • Confidently comply with employment regulations

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