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Helping Government Combat Fraud and Save Money


Industry Specialties - Government SupportLike the federal government, state, local and municipal governments must also do more with shrinking budgets. Unemployment insurance and workers' compensation costs continue to soar while cyber security breaches become increasingly sophisticated. Mandates to reduce staffing add to the challenges. So how can government reduce its exposure, prevent fraud, and stop the bleeding in today's environment?


SSC, Inc., helps state and local governments save money and operate more efficiently. We've created a statewide pilot program to fight unemployment insurance fraud, and our employment screening services offer a cost-effective way for government agencies to meet staffing needs. These public controls deter would-be perpetrators at the start.


With a proven track record in helping public-sector clients, SSC is the logical choice to help governments do more with less. Contact SSC and make SSC your trusted partner.


Industry Experience

SSC Government Services

  • Risk analysis
  • Unemployment and workers compensation fraud investigations
  • Surveillance
  • Pre-employment screening
  • Workplace violence investigations and training
  • Security awareness training in physical and personnel security
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Why Government Chooses SSC

  • Once SSC receives its marching orders, corrective and preventive action occurs quickly.
  • Combating fraud keeps more tax dollars within the system.
  • Public crackdown on government fraud deters would-be perpetrators.
  • SSC works with existing vendors to create standard protocols and quality checks for government entities across the country.
  • Governments get lean and mean, maximizing scarce resources.

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