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Delivering Exceptional Business Security for Today's Climate


Today's businesses are finding themselves vulnerable to risks at every turn.


  • Employee theft
  • Hijacking of computer systems and theft of sensitive data
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Business disruption
  • Sexual harassment
  • Increasingly strict regulatory environments
  • Workplace violence
  • Growing litigation arising from hiring and inadequate candidate screening


Industry Specialties - BusinessThe growing list of threats to corporate assets, personnel, shareholder value, reputation, business continuity and profits-plus the increased requirements of the Private Sector Preparedness mandate-are making it harder for businesses to focus on core operations.


Now, even small businesses can get Fortune 50-level guidance for their top security and risk management challenges with a Retained CSO from SSC. It's like having your own risk management department. But it's not a cost center; we'll find you savings. Our proactive perception and detection approach can have an immediate impact on your company's bottom line and its resiliency.


Contact SSC to rise above the challenges and get results.


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SSC Business Security Services

Why Businesses Choose SSC

  • Outsource your entire risk management department and reduce staffing overhead
  • Get a trusted business partner who works with you shoulder-to-shoulder
  • Level the playing field and compete with larger companies by complying with the Private Sector Preparedness mandate
  • Enjoy a safer work environment and make better hiring decisions Visit the SSC Screening website
  • Improve your bottom line through cost savings from proactive risk management and better safety and security

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